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Writing Apps: Which Are A Writer’s Best Apps?

Writing Apps – Many For Almost Everything?

Writing apps are being developed almost daily now. With growing capabilities from Artificial Intelligence (AI), the AI world is also getting involved in this aspect of creating stories.

AI Creativity?

AI can now draft not only readable text but provide the services to automate or support this. AI can create stories and scripts that show invention as well. But this will still take time.

While this course of technology shapes our future, our present offers writers a selection of several writer’s best apps. These should help you overcome writer’s block, simplify long and confusing sentences, fix spelling, punctuation and correct grammar errors. Some writing apps also allow you to collaborate on a group project, get the flow of words started, and diminish diversions which get in the way of the necessary focus on putting words on a page.

Research is Key

But even before getting into the creative space of writing a story, most writers need to do research and the quickest and easiest way to research is by recording and then transcribing these recordings. Many writers record their thoughts as they go and some go as far as recording groups of people debating or brainstorming ideas around their narratives. Talk to people, talk to yourself! Record what people say, what you discover, capture your thoughts orally. And then get the recordings changed into text.

Add-on Value For Any Writing Apps

We recommend as a simple, drag & drop web app for transforming all your pre-writing research into WORD documents. The information is typed up clearly and made accessible for inclusion into your story or novel. Nibity is quick and easy – and best of all, a very low-cost service for writers around the world.

So add to your list of the best writing apps out there at the moment. Some we recommend include: Hemingway’s app, Grammarly’s app, FocusWriter, Calmy Writer, Flowstate. But remember, Nibity is there for you before you start the writing process!