; Best audio transcription services – My choice?


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Best audio transcription services – My choice?

Best audio transcription services?

Determining the ‘best’ of anything – be it a product or service or even a person – depends on exactly what is important to you, because then the fulfillment of that which you deem important leads you to conclude that which is best. In other words, when you get what you want, you get the ‘best’.

Price? Speed? Quality?

This principle holds true for audio transcription services as well. If low cost is most important to you, then the least expensive service will likely be the best. If speed is important to you, the fastest service will be the ‘best’. If quality is important to you, the most accurate service will be the ‘best’. If ease and simplicity are important to you, then the easiest-to-use service will be the ‘best’ for you.

The really good news, then, in terms of the overall best audio transcription service, is that Nibity.com offers all of the above, making it the all-around best audio transcription service globally.

#1 Transcription Around

Nibity takes all of the important needs of audio transcription clients around the world and aims to deliver on all of these, thus making it truly the best transcription service around. Nibity offers transcription at just about the lowest rate in the marketplace, and at that incredibly low cost, offers a transcription service that is fast, accurate and very easy to use.

Nibity allows you to drag and drop files, see total cost upfront, make payment – and then relax or get on with other work. When the transcript is complete (generally within a day, depending on length of file), you receive a notification to alert you to log back into your Nibity account, and voilà! There’s your transcript ready and waiting for you. With high accuracy levels, there will be no need for you to go back through the transcript and make corrections.

Nibity clearly outshines the rest, making it the very best audio transcription service ever!