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Voice To Text – Accurate

Voice To Text Then

The problem of how to convert voice to text is an ancient one. The spoken word has an immediacy and an ease of use that, until fairly recently in human history, was nearly impossible to capture.

Various attempts to convert voice to text have been made over the years, including shorthand, which can, when wielded by a skilled practitioner, record up to 225 words a minute (almost the same speed of a very fast talker!). One would have to talk fairly rapidly to outpace a master of shorthand. Of course, shorthand as a method of voice to text has the weakness inherent in immediacy: you get one shot at hearing that mumbled term or hifalutin word and that’s it.

It wasn’t until a reliable means for recording voices came along in the late 19th century, with Edison’s phonograph cylinder that something analogous to modern digital recording devices came into existence. Even then, it was hardly portable. But for the first time, transcription of voice based on a recording was possible, and the science and art of dictation was born. It was now possible to convert voice to text with a level of accuracy never before approximated.

Voice To Text Now

Great progress has been software which is able to convert voice to text, but these applications are still very much in their infancy and have a serious problem with accuracy. For example, 95% is regarded as a good rate of accuracy for a single-voice dictation when the user has been ‘training’ the software for some time. A human transcriber, who provides online transcription with that level of accuracy for a nine-person focus group, would be regarded as barely competent and would certainly not be employed as a transcriber. The ability to convert voice to text through transcription requires a reasonable typing speed, an excellent level of general knowledge and very good hearing indeed.

English is a very context-dependent language, stuffed with homophones, homonyms and very idiosyncratic spelling and grammar. It will still be quite some time until we reach the stage when a machine delivers the same quality of voice to text conversion as an intelligent human. In the interim, our Nibity platform offers the perfect hybrid solution: a stellar combination of software and humans which begin processing your transcription immediately after upload and payment with amazing efficiency and accuracy. If the need involves a custom solution, then there are stellar transcription services out there such as Way With Words to consider.

So, in summation, the quest to convert voice to text has a long and venerable history, but we are currently living in its golden age. If you’d like to try an easy-to-use voice to text service which delivers high quality transcripts quickly, try our Nibity solution.