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Transcribing Services Online -

Transcribing Services Online, Quick And Easy

Transcribing Services Online – Today

Gone are the days of DVDs and CDs and cassette tapes. Gone are the days of analogue recordings. Gone are the days of mailing or couriering your recordings and fetching the hard copies. Gone are the days of operating offline. More and more services of all sorts are now being offered exclusively online. And transcription is right up there in the ranks with these other services.

Transcribing services online are quicker, safer, more efficient, and much more far-reaching globally. Clients can be anywhere – and we mean anywhere – so long as they have internet access and a digital recording to be transcribed.

Nibity Online – An Easy Option?

Nibity Transcribing services online are convenient – the entire process is simple and quick. The four-step process of upload, see price, pay and collect transcript when completed can be conducted whenever you want, from wherever you are.

Nibity transcribing services online are secure. Data protection and digital security are increasingly important, so transcribing services online take numerous precautions to ensure that both the digital data and the transcript are safe and secure – from uploading at the beginning of the process, all the way through to collection of transcripts from a private online account, and account which is unique to each client and accessible only with an email address and a unique password established by each individual client.

Nibity transcribing services online are responsive. Using electronic services removes the need to travel, to deliver, to fetch, to depend on couriers or wait days for a mail service. Once audio is uploaded, the transcription process begins almost immediately. While we use qualified, trained and vetted transcribers, a hybrid transcription model is evolving. Workflow follows a 24-hour system from upload, as opposed to a workday clock. Transcribing services online can be accessed around the clock for uploading files, submitting a quote request, receiving a quote, and accessing a client account for downloading completed transcripts.

To recap, there are numerous benefits of transcription services online the Nibity way:

  • global access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • improved client service through greater flexibility
  • cost savings and less paper waste
  • faster, safer delivery of completed transcripts
  • increased professionalism
  • heightened security of data