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Transcribing - How Do I Transcribe Audio Or Video - nibity

Transcribing? How Do I Transcribe Audio Or Video?

Transcribing is a skill

Transcribing requires a combination of careful listening and then typing – at rapid speed.

Speech in practice

While some people do speak slowly and clearly, enunciating each word with care and precision, this is actually the rare instance rather than the norm. Most people speak quickly, especially if nervous or excited (as is often the case when being recorded), and their words smear together, jumble around, and often other people also pipe into the conversation, speaking at the same time, further obscuring the clarity of the words.

Transcribing Speech

So the person doing the transcripting often has to go back and forth with the audio, rewinding, listening several times over various portions of audio to capture as best as possible the words spoken by the various speakers. Transcribing can also be performed by machine transcription or speech-to-text engines in combination with people – called the hybrid transcription model (read Audio To Text – The Machine – Friend Or Foe Or?). Provided correctly, this use of people and new technologies to produce transcripts can achieve a fast, highly accurate and yet cost-effective transcription service.

Transcribing is an art

We can say that transcribing also requires a strong language element. The best transcriptionists are articulate and eloquent in English, understanding the nuances of language. They generally have command of a large vocabulary, so within the spoken context of the recorded conversation, if they hear a portion of a word rather than the whole word, or if background noise or other speakers obfuscate a word, they are still often able to determine what the speaker is trying to say or referring to contextually. This is where AI still fails today.

Transcription Services

Transcription services exist everywhere. They are useful for anyone who needs audio or any speech (and actions in video) placed into written words.

This could be for any number of reasons, such as courts that require court transcripts for legal storage purposes;

  • journalists who want their media interviews transcribed to record the accuracy of facts and details and quotes, as they construct their articles for publication,
  • doctors that need transcripts of their patient consultations as a written document of their client medical history,
  • researchers looking at transcripts of their interview and focus group recordings for detailed analysis,
  • students who want to refer to their lectures for study purposes;
  • authors who prefer dictating to write their books,
  • conference attendees who missed various conference sessions which they can read later at their leisure as to what was discussed or debated.

And the list goes on and on.

You too might need your audio (or video) transcribed for personal reasons or as part of your employment. Maybe you need an exit interview recorded and transcribed, or a disciplinary hearing. Who know? The reasons are endless.

Nibity Transcribing Service

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