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Fastest way and most accurate to convert speech to text - Nibity

The Fastest and Most Accurate Way to Convert Speech to Text

If you’re handling a crucial meeting or a lecture, there’s no way you can keep up with everything the speaker is saying. Sure, voice recording apps and dictaphones are there, but that’s extra work all in itself. This is why the possibility to convert speech to text is a great solution to keep in mind.

The history of speech to text harkens back to the early days of voice recognition. With how advanced our current technology is, finding the best talk to type app is easier than ever.

If you want to convert speech to text, you need something reliable. It needs to be fast but you also want it accurate.

In this guide, we’ll find the best talk to text app out there. Whether you’re looking for speech to text apps for writers or have some voice to text notes, you need to take a look at this.

Talk To Type App Takeaways

As much as we want the current tech to convey a perfect transcription, that’s impossible right now. Even the best talk to text app could only do so much.

There are many factors why speed and accuracy become problems with dictation apps. This can be one of many things, which includes:

  • Audio has too much background noise
  • Bad speech clarity
  • The software cannot understand accents
  • Needs training to recognize speech better
  • May have limited vocabulary

Converting your voice to text notes is still better with traditional human transcription services right now. Voice recognition technology is growing leaps and bounds. Even then, the best choice is human audio and video transcription instead of software.

Even then, if you want something quick, easy, and affordable for dictations, speech to text apps for writers are the go-to option. Which one is the best? Let’s start by checking out Google Keyboard.

Google Keyboard

It sounds weird to add a keyboard app as the easiest talk to type app out there, but it is. The Google Keyboard is one of the most versatile voice to text notes app out there, and here’s the reason:

Google Keyboard works with Android due to it being a native app. With all the hardware that Google provides for it, it’s a solid, responsive application. It provides the basic needs for a recorder, even if it’s not a dedicated speech to text software.

GBoard works further with Google Translate, allowing support for more than 60 languages. It’s a fast and accurate basic way to convert speech to text, even if it’s missing bells and whistles.

Useful features like shortcuts are missing. The ability to convert voice recording to text on a computer is missing as well.

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable basic speech to text app, Google Keyboard is a solid choice.

Transcribe for iOS

Transcribe is one of the best, if not the best-dedicated talk to type app in the iOS Store right now. Its marketing dubs it as a “personal assistant”. The software provides high-quality transcriptions with the touch of a button.

Transcribe offers the ability to convert voice recording to text on iOS. AI powers this app, which can provide the best voice to text notes out there.

Once the app finishes transcription, you can then export the raw text to a word processor for editing. This feature makes it a great software if you have videos you want to convert.

While the application is free to download, you would want to do in-app purchases to get the best features. Even then, it has great value as speech to text apps for writers. It’s the best at creating audio to text notes, able to handle up to 80 different languages as well.

The only issue we see with Transcribe is its lack of Android counterpart.

Transcribe, in its entirety, is a powerful independent talk to type app. It works as one of the most reliable voice to text apps out there. The software does what you need with good speed and accuracy.

Nuance Dragon Professional

If you’re looking for an app that can help with your professional work, you need a business level solution that pros use. This is where the Nuance Dragon Professional comes in. It is the best talk to text app in this list, and nothing comes close.

The Nuance Dragon Pro does everything you would ever need from a talk to type app. It lets you dictate information, create voice to text notes, and control your browser with your voice. The Dragon works out of the box as well!

The company claims their speech to text app for writers can handle dictations equal to 160 words per minute. That’s out of the box too! This happens with up to 99% accuracy, even before app training to learn your speech quirks.

You can create documents using your voice. To assist the main software, there’s a mobile app for the Nuance Dragon that can convert voice recording to text on the computer. It transcribes the file itself on mobile and delivers it straight to your PC.

The problem?

The Nuance Dragon Professional is expensive and limited to single voice dictation. The software will set you back a few hundred dollars, which is worth it if your work thrives under the speech you need to convert.

If you’re looking for the best talk to text app and you have the money for it, the Nuance Dragon Professional is the best solution you can use.

A Better Solution To Convert Speech To Text

If you’re looking to convert speech to text, you need a fast and accurate transcription solution. If you’re using talk to type apps, look for the best and invest in them. Remember, these are great for single speaker recordings with varying accuracy.

On the other hand, are you looking for absolute accuracy or a better way to make voice to text notes? Do you have a more challenging quality, topic or multiple speakers in your recording? You need human transcription services.

You need Nibity.

Nibity provides fast speech to text translation with superior accuracy and speed. All you need is to register, upload your files, pay, and collect your transcripts. Get the best, fastest results you can’t get anywhere else.

Talk to Nibity today and see what people said. Superior transcription, only at Nibity.