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talk to text app accurate analysis - Nibity

Talk to Text App Analysis: Which Were the Most Accurate?

Speech recognition technology that involves talk to text apps has come a long way. Google’s programming, for example, claims to be as good at recognizing words as people are.

Google’s been putting its technology to use in Google Home and other applications. One of the popular uses of speech recognition is in dictation apps.

The idea of speech to text has been around for a while because it’s so convenient. Need to send a text, but your hands are full? A talk to text app can help.

Until recently, though, speech to text hasn’t been all that popular because it wasn’t very accurate. Even today, some apps stand head and shoulders above their competition.

We took a look at different apps to figure out which ones you can rely on and which ones would leave you editing every other word. Here are the most accurate apps you can get.

Dragon Dictation Is One of the Most Accurate Paid Apps

If you want accuracy in your talk to text app, then Dragon Dictation is the way to go. The app was once available only to iOS users. More recently, the app has expanded to the Android platform too.

It’s probably the best dictation app for iOS. It might be the best dictation app for Android now too.

In some tests, Dragon had almost perfect accuracy. It still messes up on some things, such as capitalization. It rarely mistakes entire words though, so your message will come through crystal-clear.

Dragon also offers specialized software for many different professions. It isn’t freeware, unfortunately. Unless you expect to use it often, you may want to consider another voice to text app.

If only the best, most accurate app will do, Dragon is more than worth the price.

GBoard Is a Good Free Talk to Text App

If you saw the price tag on Dragon and clutched your wallet, take a look at some great free talk to type apps out there.

GBoard is a good example. While it’s not as accurate as Dragon, it does pretty well. Plus, it won’t break the bank.

While the app is a simple keyboard interface, it allows you to type using voice and gestures. Support for more than 50 languages was just added. Gboard is backed by Google’s voice recognition technology.

Speechnotes Gives You Distraction-Free Note-taking

Here’s a talk to text app aimed at writers of all stripes. The designers wanted to help writers get their thoughts down in a simple, easy-to-use app.

They also understood how important accuracy is, which is one of the reasons the program ranks as one of the best.

A simple interface with plenty of tools makes it a great choice for anyone who needs speech to text recognition. It can even be helpful for people trying to learn another language. You can practice speaking one of 30 different languages.

EverNote Has a Talk to Text Extension

EverNote is a popular note-taking tool for Android and iOS. It consistently ranks as one of the best apps you can get for jotting down and organizing your thoughts. Whether it’s a grocery list or a running tally of your brilliant ideas, this app is a great choice.

It does offer a talk to text option for users, although it’s an extension you can add to the basic app. It takes advantage of Android’s built-in speech-to-text capabilities. While that means it’s backed by Google, it also means you need a network connection to use this feature.

As we noted, Google’s speech recognition software is some of the best in the game. It makes sense for this powerful app to take advantage of it.

The combination of Google’s technology and EverNote’s own award-winning interface makes for one of the best dictation apps.

TalkBox Lets You be Social

TalkBox is a powerful text to type app, but its focus is a bit different than most of the other entries on this list. Whereas EverNote and Speechnotes are for people taking notes, TalkBox is all about chatting.

This dictation app is for people who need or want to chat hands-free. Whether you’re in the car or need the help of speech to text, TalkBox lets you gab with all your friends.

You can add up to nine people on a single chat. If you want to text, you can. Otherwise, the app will convert your words into text and send them along as text messages.

Better yet, this app syncs with all your social media accounts. You can add posts to group chats on Facebook or send that Twitter DM without ever typing a single character.

The app also keeps a record of all your messages, which makes it easy to track conversations. This feature also makes it an ideal choice for workgroups and teams.

The Best App May Not be an App

All technology has its limitations, and that’s very true with speech to text apps. Although the technology behind these apps gets better every year, mistakes still happen.

That’s why the best talk to text app may not be a dictation app at all. Nibity Talk To Text combines human critical thinking with technology to deliver better speech-to-text transcripts.

If you rank accuracy above all else, then transcription services are the right choice. Simply record your voice, upload, and let the experts transform it.


Plenty of Options for Getting Your Words Down

As you can see, today’s technology offers plenty of options when it comes to getting your words down. Whether you need to send a text message when your hands are full or a video transcribed, there’s an app for that.

The best talk to text app will depend on your needs. Some apps are paid and some are free, but all of them should offer you a high degree of accuracy and ease.

If you’re looking for more information on the best way to convert speech to text, get in touch with us. We’re here to help.