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Nibity overnight transcription services

Overnight Transcription

Looking For Overnight Transcription Services?

We offer a simple solution for accurate and fast overnight transcription services. We work while you sleep. Nibity offer a cheap transcription solution while ensuring the highest accuracy for your transcription needs.

Your Transcript Done

Your document is delivered by the start of business the next day into your private online account. Simply wake up, log in, and collect your much-needed transcript. Nibity is your choice for convenience!

Nibity’s overnight transcription services have many perks and advantages – you rest (and rest assured) that we are transcribing your audio reliably, accurately and speedily. We help you achieve your project goals, help you prepare for those presentations and meetings, help you write those reports.

How It Works

Nibity is a simple, quick overnight transcription services provider using key automation and professionally trained and experienced transcribers situated around the world. Nibity offers a 24-hour operating system supported by professional transcribers.

Transcribers are specifically contracted to us and work for us daily. They are all native English speakers with a sharp command of the English language. Transcribers undergo a rigorous training and recruitment process and are fully equipped to transcribe interviews, meetings, seminars, presentations, and research.


You upload your audio to us anytime. Once your upload is completed, the system will calculate the total speech to text minutes to be transcribed and provide you with the final price and ready date for you to collect your transcript. That simple!

Nibity’s unique overnight transcription services are designed to guarantee the utmost speed and efficiency through our streamlined solution components. These involve:

  1. Secure online file upload to our proprietary transcription management system.
  2. Quick and secure allocation of work for processing and the return of your transcript.
  3. A private client account, which is only accessible through your unique email and password.

In addition, our transcription service or speech to text solution is built on a secure, sophisticated and scalable platform, which is kept up to date with the latest technological advances.

Custom Transcription?

Should you want a more personalized transcription solution, have a look at Way With Words (our other and more custom focussed transcription service).