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How does Nibity transcribe online?

Transcribe online: super service in 60 seconds!

drop file, get cost, see collection date, checkout! … could not be simpler!

No, you don’t need to pick up the phone, search for a contact number, or make a call. No, you don’t need to compose, send or receive emails. We take the pain out of getting your audio file transformed into a text document, out of finding a person in your local area who has the time and ability to transcribe, who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg – especially if you need the transcript quick quick quick!

Nibity it now!

At Nibity, we transcribe online. In fact, we do everything online, from receiving your files to transcribing to getting your documents back to you. And the best part? We do this quickly and very inexpensively! Or in other words, fast and cheap!


Nibity is an online transcription service. It’s fast and simple and easy. Essentially you drop us your files (or even a link) on our web site. We immediately time your files and show you the file lengths and the cost – the full and complete and final cost with nothing hidden, nothing unexpectedly added on, nothing changed. In fact, for speed and simplicity, we ask you to pay straightaway – so you are assured that there will be no changes in the cost!

Then we get to work and transcribe online. We have a team of transcribers (our very own Nibitizers!) who are ready and waiting for your file – that’s why your work gets done so fast. Your file comes in, you make payment, and we start right away. As soon as your transcript is compete, we let you know and you go back into your Nibity account and fetch that document. All online!

While software attempts to transcribe online, at this point, even the best speech to text technologies still struggle to match the quality of transcriptions completed through trained human skill driven with experience, accurate knowledge of language and its rules, and the wherewithal to do a bit of research to be certain names of people, places and organisations are spelled correctly.

Nibity is actively engaged with a number of speech-to-text and voice recognition technologies to provide our users with almost “real-time” transcription services soon! Our people-managed partnership will craft a new hybrid model of transcription that ensures absolute accuracy, unbelievable pricing and is highly scalable.