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How to Convert YouTube Audio to Text - Nibity

How to Convert YouTube Audio to Text?

If you are looking to convert YouTube audio to text, here are the basics of how to do it.

YouTube has grown into possibly the biggest and most watched website in history. Recent statistics show that over 5 billion videos are watched via YouTube daily. Watching videos is great, but more people are now also converting their YouTube video audio to text. Reasons for this vary, but it basically boils down to growing video viewership. The bonus is, of course, content marketing with more avenues for user engagement than ever before. But how exactly does one convert a video for captioning using YouTube? Read on.

YouTube Has its Own Text Converter

YouTube itself features an audio to text converting tool. This is great if you are looking for basic captions to appear automatically on your video. YouTube’s converter is also fine if you also have a bit of time to correct its speech engine mistakes. Grammatical errors, and misused words are fairly common with the program, so expect to invest a bit of time in this process. If you choose to use this converter also check out other conditions when videos will not be captioned accurately – see Google Support on this issue here.

Open the Audio

Conversion websites make converting audio to text from YouTube easy. There are a few steps involved and this method will work on Android, IOS, etc. First, open the audio you wish to convert. It is recommended you do this on a computer rather than a mobile device. You can always transfer text to another device later.

Highlight the Address

In your search bar, each audio has a specific YouTube HTML. Highlight and copy this. Either copy manually or simply hit  COMMAND or CTRL C. Ensure you get the entire address and not just the portion shown in the bar. The addresses are getting longer by the day.

Paste Audio

Paste the audio copied from YouTube into the download field. It may be labeled Video/Audio URL to Download. Again, you can do this manually or use, COMMAND or CTRL V.

Know Your Format

You will be prompted to provide a format for the conversion. MP3 is recommended for audio. Other file types are available, but for those needing the highest quality final product, MP3’s seem work best. They are also recognized by more devices than other file types.

Continue and Start

Once you have selected the right format for your final audio, simply click on continue or start. Programs are different with their wording, but essentially, this is how it goes.

Download the File

Give your program time to convert the YouTube video to text. Some programs are faster than others. Upon completion you will be prompted to save or download the file. Downloading the file ensures nothing is lost and it downloads directly to your computer or device.

Copyright Laws

Take care with any audio or video file you use from YouTube for conversion. Copyright laws are becoming more of an issue so if you are going to use someone else’s audio, get their written consent. It is easiest to just create your own YouTube videos and audios for conversion for this reason. People protect their brands and you should too.

The Need for Clear Audio

The quality of the audio being transcribed is important. Poor quality audio with heavy background noise will affect the final quality of your text and captions. If you have a video with poor quality sound, this type of conversion may not be as effective. If you are looking for a professional solution, an actual transcription company is often the best approach. These companies specialize in conversions that are clear, concise, and practically perfect. Some maintain up to a 99% accuracy rating, so choose carefully if you have to pay. 

Know What You Want

When converting YouTube audio to text it is important to know what you want and, of course, don’t want.

No matter your need, if quality matters a lot then consider using a professional captioning or transcription service. If basic captions are fine, and you have some extra time available, then try one of the many free video captioning editors and convversion tools suggested earlier.

Selecting Another Conversion Site

In addition to YouTubes converter, you can also use a number of other websites that convert video audio to text. Popular online converters and services include Clipconverter, Free CC Conveter Tool, Keepvid, and Way With Words. There are many other good audio to text converters as well – read our guide to a Good Audio To Text Converter on this subject. Alternatively, you can just get the video transcribed using a popular speech to text service. For this option, also check our guide on the four best speech to text apps out there or, if its straight transcription you want, try Nibity. You just paste the accurate transcript into your select video afterwards.

Once you select a YouTube Audio to Text converter, then you will usually follow the steps below to create your captions.

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