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GUIDE How On Earth Do I Choose A Good Voice To Text Converter - nibity

GUIDE How On Earth Do I Choose A Good Voice To Text Converter?

Voice To Text Converter For What You Want

Choosing a voice to text converter is not simple. When in a meeting or lecture backing up your written notes with an audio recording can be essential. It’s pretty difficult to capture every word with your pen. Dictaphones are really handy for this or one of the many voice recording apps. 

However, transferring these recordings to paper isn’t as straightforward. Transcribing yourself by hand can be a drag. It’s very time consuming, and it can be challenging to accurately write down what’s being said. Consider also challenges such as listening to a speaker with an accent, multiple speakers, or even background noise. On the other hand, think about accuracy and what you need the transcript for.

Three Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Voice To Text Preference

There are a wide set of choices when it comes to a voice to text converter. These vary in capability and value, so we quickly evaluate your three main criteria you should consider when it comees to finding a good voice to text converter.

Man or Machine?

Technology is taking over 90% of the jobs that humans used to do, and this is no different in transcription. There’s no denying technology and innovation has made our lives easier and helps us do our jobs. There is an abundance of speech recognition software out there that has been developed to convert spoken language into text, but despite all expectations, they still aren’t capable of understanding us that well at this time. Even the most prominent players have to be careful with client expectations. Even the most sophisticated speech recognition software today encounters problems in accuracy with accents, multiple speakers and background noise.

Popular Voice To Text Software: Google Speech, Amazon Transcribe, and IBM Watson.

While these technologies are great and have their place, at this moment in time if you are looking for the most effective and accurate way to convert important voice recordings to text, you can’t beat a professional human transcriber or transcription service.

If Its Human, Freelancer or Professional Transcription Service?

There are two main ways you can employ human transcribers. You can hire a freelancer or you can use a professional transcription service. These services have transcribers trained to research and produce accurate and intelligent transcription.

Popular Freelance Voice To Text Transcriber platforms: Fiver, People Per Hour and Upwork.

There are lots of transcribers available for work on these and other freelance platforms. Many charge attractive rates and can offer a quick turnaround. However, you can’t be sure of their experience, reliability or first language and can end up with a piece of transcription that just isn’t up to scratch. As the old saying goes – buy cheap, buy twice. It’s also not very secure if the recordings you need transcribing contain sensitive information.

That’s why we recommend a professional transcription service.

Does it Require High Accuracy?

If you are looking for a fast and accurate custom voice to text converter that can be designed to suit your requirements, professional transcription services are the main way to go.

Look for services that offer nothing less that 99%+ accuracy guarantees with their work. Importantly, always check how your transcription service provider recruits their transcribers. The caliber of their transcribers and their job recruitment and assessment procedures should be clearly visible and fairly detailed.

Knowing this provides an excellent insight into whether the service has the right reputation and process for picking the most experienced and skilled individuals.  Remember, trained and vetted transcribers will ensure minimal to no errors. In addition, they need to work on systems that are secure (check for the “https://). You want to know your uploads and the storage of your audio or video files and transcripts on their servers is safe.

Popular Professional Voice To Text Transcription Services: Way With Words, Rev, TranscribeMe, Go Transcript, Nibity.