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GUIDE Best Ways to Convert Voice Recording to Text - nibity

GUIDE Best Ways to Convert Voice Recording to Text

In the age of computers and text messaging, our brains move faster than our hands. If you don’t have many hours free in a day, you don’t want to spend that time writing up meeting notes. When your alternative is to type up your audio files or just sifting through the collection yourself when you need the information, it’s easy to become frustrated.

The options to convert voice recording to text using software or transcribers are ideal in this case. With the right tool or service, you can record your notes, meetings, or random thoughts just as you like – and then, with no work on your end, come away with a text based version that’s easy to share and reference.

Most Popular Ways To Convert Voice Recording to Text

There are several voice-to-text tools and solutions in operation today. But which ones are most popular? Which options will convert voice recording to text most accurately? Which solution can you trust? We take a look.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google and its parent company, Alphabet, rule the Internet. Naturally, they’ve made a voice to text transcriber available to collaborate with Google Docs.

This dictation tool works on the fly. So long as you have it up and operational, you’ll be able to come away from your meeting or stream of thought session with a clear transcript, right in Google. While the result may need a second look and general editing, it’s otherwise entirely legible.

Google Docs Voice Typing does require access to the Internet to operate. It is a free-to-use tool, however, so long as you have an account with Google.


Speechnotes is a dictation tool that also relies on Google’s pre-existing speech recognition architecture. Like Google Docs Voice Typing, you don’t have to install or download this third-party software. Instead, you can leave it running during one of your meetings, and it will transcribe what’s being said with 90 percent accuracy.

Unlike Google Docs Voice Typing, Speechnotes actively takes steps to ensure that the grammar and presentation of its in-the-moment transcription are accurate. The platform will capitalize sentences after long pauses, save your document automatically, and allow you to edit in-moment transcriptions without pausing its typing. What’s more, the platform allows you to email or print off your transcriptions as soon as you’re content with them.

You’ll need to rely on Google Chrome for Speechnotes to work effectively, but this dictation software is free to use


If you rely on Microsoft software, then you may want to invest in a Microsoft-compatible dictation tool. E-Speaking utilizes Microsoft’s Speech Application Program Interface alongside its .Net Framework. With these, it accurately detects the conversations you want it to hear. It can then read those transcriptions back to you at a later date.

While this dictation tool is confined to Microsoft’s software, it’s ideal for loyal consumers. It also takes advantage of machine learning, so you can train new commands into its programming to make your work all the easier.

Unlike some of the other operating-system-confined dictation tools on this list, e-Speaking is not free to use. However, it is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, costing a mere $14.

Dragon Professional Individual

Are your conversations a little jargon-heavy? That’s nothing Dragon Professional Individual can’t handle. This dictation software can achieve 99 percent accuracy with some training, transcribing meeting notes while also allowing you to access other elements of your computer. Dragon Professional Individual is also Microsoft Office and iWork compatible, meaning that you won’t have to download or rely on tool-specific software to access your transcripts.

It is worth noting that Dragon Professional Individual is among the most expensive of your voice-to-text options. While it operates on both Windows and Mac computers, the tool costs $300 to utilize. It is ideal for a fast-paced office space that can afford one of the better tools in its industry.

Apple Dictation

The advent and popularization of AI has made it easier for everyone to have a dictation tool in their back pocket. Apple’s Siri pairs with Apple Dictation to help you record and translate 30 seconds of speech into text at a time.

That doesn’t seem like much when you’re facing down an hour-long meeting, of course. If you’re after a more impressive voice-to-text capacity, you need only ensure your operating system – be it on your phone or through a Mac – has been updated to OS X 10.9 or later. If it is, you can access Enhanced Dictation, which can record and transcribe for longer.

Because Apple Dictation is an inherent part of most Mac operating systems, it is free for applicable owners to use.

Windows Speech Recognition

Windows computers include an interface-integrated dictation software, meaning that no matter what, you’ll have this tool available to you (unless you’re working on a Mac or with Linux). Not only do you have the opportunity to dictate your notes or personal thoughts with this software, but you can also issue commands to your computer that will take you online or into a separate program.

All of these commands operate through Microsoft’s AI personal assistant, Cortana. So long as you’re operating on Windows 10 or a Cortana-compatible variation of Windows, you can tackle your work meetings with an additional sense of ease, knowing that your notes will be thoroughly recorded and available to you for later use.

Because Cortana and Window’s Speech Recognition come with every variation of Windows 10 or above, the program is free to use.


Unlike many of the aforementioned tools, NIBITY provides a more versatile dictation and multi-speaker transcription solution. This tool is unique in its ability to process pre-existing recordings and turn them into legible transcripts with speaker ID and time code options. To convert voice recording to text, register an account on the NIBITY platform and choose your transcription plan. You’ll have the default choice between a pay-as-you-go order, a 10-hour transcription package, and a 25-hour transcription package.

NIBITY allows you to upload your applicable audio (or video) files after your meeting’s taken place. As such, there’s no worry of editing the speech to text notes as it offers extremely accurate transcripts. Instead, you can often access your completed transcripts already within hours of uploading them to NIBITY’s servers and use them immediately.