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Best Audio Transcription Service? 5 Errors To Avoid!

The Facts

Not all transcription services are created equal. In fact, Artificial Intelligence-driven transcription services average a 12% error-rate in 2020.

So, if your recent transcriptions are missing the mark then don’t pay the price for inaccurate transcriptions. Do you know what other things you should be looking for when deciding on a reliable audio transcription service?

Follow this guide and some time-saving tips to find the best audio transcription service.

Best audio transcription service?

First of all, determining the ‘best’ of anything – be it a product or service or even a person – depends on exactly what is important to you. In other words, when you get what you want, you get the ‘best’.

When you get what you want, you get the ‘best’.

Price? Speed? Quality?

This principle holds true for audio transcription as well. If low cost is most important to you, then the least expensive service will likely be the best. If speed is important to you, the fastest service will be the ‘best’. If quality is important to you, the most accurate service will be the ‘best’. If ease and simplicity are important to you, then the easiest-to-use service will be the ‘best’ for you.

Lets look at these qualities a little more closely.

Accuracy is Key

When you’re looking for the best audio transcription service, the most important aspect is that the work is accuracy.

A transcription is useless if it’s returned to you with spelling mistakes, missing words, or misunderstood accents. This causes you or your employees to waste time correcting mistakes to make the transcription usable.

At this time, we recommedn you look for a transcription service that still employs human transcribers — no AI bots involved. This means your transcripts should maintain an accuracy commitment of 99% or above. If you’re looking error-free services, look no further.

Competitive Pricing

However, human transcription services can be pricey. But they don’t have to be.

Look for a human transcription service that offers a variety of packages, notably those that include bulk pricing – especially if you have a high volume requirement. You might be surprised the discounts you can can get on these type of packages. So, for competitive pricing always look for a transcription service that offers packages ranging from low to high-volume prices.

Importantly, also find a service that is open and upfront with their pricing. Never use a company that asks you for your payment information before telling you how much the service will actually cost.

Many transcription services, such as Way With Words and Nibity, should offer a pricing calculator upfront so you can figure out exactly how much your transcription will cost based on the length of the audio file.

Is Easy to Use

The best audio transcription service is also one that is easy to use and understand. Regardless of whether you’re a one-time user or need frequent transcription services, the process needs to be simple.

Find a service that accepts all different types of files and formats. You don’t want to waste time converting files — time costs money! Even better, find one that might also offer direct links or upload from sites like YouTube or Dropbox for even further convenience.

If you’re a business with multiple employees, you might also need a transcription service that offers a multi-user feature. You can sign up for an account as an administrator and then add on employees as individual users. This way, you don’t need to oversee every single transcription and multiple employees can access the services as needed.

Summary To Finding the Best Transcription Service

Human transcription services should provide the accuracy you expect while still maintaining competitive pricing. They should also offer an easy upload process and quick turnaround time.

Look for a service that allows you to drag and drop files, see total cost upfront, make payment – and then relax or get on with other work. When the transcript is complete (generally within a day, depending on length of file), expect a notification to alert you to log back into your transcription account to collect your transcript. With high accuracy levels, there will be no need for you to go back through the transcript and make corrections.