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cheap transcription services -

Cheap Transcription Services

Cheap transcription services – Dirty Words?

  • Scene – You have audio or video that you need transcribed.
  • Challenge – you are in a hurry.
  • Constraint – you have a very tight budget.

Cheap transcription services can come to your rescue! We will solve all your problems: we will transcribe your audio, quickly, and at the lowest of cost to suit your budget.

When the words matter, Nibity provides cheap transcription services to get those words typed up for you. Our cheap transcription services provide clear and basic transcripts, speakers differentiated as SP1, SP2 and more and also lists words that can’t be heard indicated as [inaudible]. We don’t think it’s bad in a world where your bottom line is increasingly important.

Go Cheap But Get Accurate

And while price certainly isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting a transcription service provider, it is often a critical one. But accuracy is also very important. So we give you both. We refuse to compromise quality for cost. Therefore our cheap transcription services offer our clients the best of both worlds: high quality at a low low cost.

Our cheap transcription services transcribers are thoroughly tested and vetted, many of them are highly experienced, and they come to us bring a wide array of educational and employment backgrounds and hence knowledge. This is what makes them transcribers rather than typists – they bring knowledge and awareness and a willingness to Google and research if they aren’t 100% certain what the speaker is saying.

We quality check our cheap transcription services transcripts on a regular basis, being certain our transcribers are meeting your deadline with high-quality work.

Consider The Choices

There are numerous things that you have to take into consideration when choosing a service to provide you with transcription services; cost is just one factor. You need a service with expertise, resources, professional transcribers and experienced management to make sure that you receive the service you require. And moreover, you will want a service that is simple and user-friendly.

Our cheap transcription services are just that: you upload your audio, we transcribe, and you get notified to collect your transcript when completed as a Word document. The cost is easy to figure out – one low rate per audio minute! This rate stays the same whether you have one speaker or 17 speakers in your file; the rate stays the same whether you have clear sound quality or very poor sound quality; the rate stays the same regardless of the number or difficulty of accents in your audio. One rate. It’s that simple.