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Nibity audio to text converter

Audio to Text Converter?

Best Audio to Text Converter Questioned?

In order to answer this question, we must first think carefully about the term best. What does best mean in regard to an audio to text converter?

It could mean best in terms of ease of use, best in terms of price, best in terms of the look and layout of the product (the transcript), best in terms of simplicity of service. It all depends on the client: client needs, client expectations, client desires, client time.

But we are willing to bet that most of the time, in terms of audio to text converters, best means best in terms of quality of transcript. So let’s begin our discussion based on that assumption.

Quality of Transcript

The biggest first decision that much be made in terms of an audio to text converter is the choice between software and a human being. In recent years there has been a spate of ‘new and improved’ audio to text converter software. A comparison among them – Dragon, VoiceBass, oTranscribe, InqScribe, HyperTranscribe, VoxSigma, even Google, for example – will show distinctions in terms of quality, as well as small specialty variations in regard to what each software can offer uniquely.

BUT (and this is a large but), the overall accuracy of ANY software for ANY audio with anything other than one person speaking slowly and clearly, plummets profusely. Or in other words, software still isn’t getting it right – not yet anyway – not when the speaker is speaking quickly, not when there are multiple speakers in the recording, not when the speakers have various accents, not when there is interfering background noise. And this describes the majority of audio recordings!

Yes, But Answer my Question!

So getting back to the question of the best audio to text converter, the answer is this: human beings. The skill of an actual human being far supersedes the abilities of software to distinguish between various voices, various accents, and various speeds of speech.

So, quite simply, the best audio to text converter is a person, a trained and experienced transcriber who will listen carefully, go back and forth over difficult-to-hear portions of the audio, who is intelligent with the English language – not only with words but with spelling, grammar and punctuation as well – who will produce, by far, the best possible transcript of the highest quality and best accuracy levels.

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