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Best Audio To Text Converter - Nibity

Which is the Best Audio to Text Converter?

The technology-driven era we live in today is truly remarkable. Our smartphones and other devices virtually run our lives doing practically everything we need throughout the day. It is just like having an assistant in the palm of your hand. That being said, when converting audio to text, challenges can arise. Not all programs are created equal and if you have struggled to find the right one for you, here are the best audio to text converters for 2019.


Free is essentially a good thing into today’s market. If you are looking for a top rated free audio to text converter, Freemake is an excellent option. Featuring a user friendly interface, this free program can be used by anyone with relative ease. You should have little difficulty converting well known video formats such as MP3 with Freemake. However, if you require one of the lesser known formatting conversions, Freemake does not support them all. Another drawback is the time it takes to convert audio to text. Due to this being a free program, you will have substantially slower conversions. You will also have to download additional plugins for certain video conversion needs.

Xilisoft Audio Converter

Although, this audio conversion option is not free, it certainly is not highly expensive either. For just $9.95 per year Xilisoft offers to convert a wide range of audio files such as MP3, WAV, and many others. Again, the drawback with Xilisoft basically comes down to speed. For smaller files, it is easy to wait for the program to convert the files. If you have a larger file or a series of files to convert, you will spend a lot of your time waiting. It is slow, but most people have found that its interface is very user friendly. Those new to the market may find it easier to use than some of the more professional programs available.

Stellar Audio Video Converter

For a flat rate fee of $24.99 per year you can get Stellar Audio Video Converter. This program has many features attractive to today’s audio conversion market. Unlike the previous two converters, this one is remarkably fast. It supports file options such as ACC, FlAC, MP3, and WAV, along with others and best of all, you can utilize its batch conversion system. This feature allows you to convert multiple audios at a time while all are easily managed in the queue. Stellar Audio Video Converter is relatively easy to use with a step by step process for uploading your files, but there is one glaring drawback. This program does not have volume normalization, so if the speaker is moving around the room or the audio changes volume rapidly, you can lose some vital information.

Express Scribe Transcription Software

For this software option, you will require the use of a laptop or desktop computer. Express Scribe Transcription Software utilizes a food petal attached to your computer and is compatible with both Mac and PC. For a novice user, this program can get a bit complicated but is among the best audio to text converters available. Due to its mildly complicated format, it is ideal for professional rather than average users. It offers features such as variable speeds, multi-channel control, and converts rather quickly compared to other programs. It also works with virtually all audio files, so compatibility with an existing file is never an issue.

Looking for a Little More Accuracy?

When looking for the best audio to text converter, each one has their pros and cons. Some transcribe quickly while others focus on accuracy rather than speed, but remember, these are merely programs and will have their fair share of flaws. If you are serious about converting audio to text and require more than merely an average program, Nibity may be your answer.

Unlike these downloadable programs with average service options, Nibity is an online transcription service. It offers a staggering 99% accuracy rating. As we all know, when it comes to converting audio to text, accuracy matters.

Nibity Features

Nibity transcription offers some advantages compared to average programs. The service also accounts for different dialects and accents (unlike some of the programs listed above). They offer 2 timestamps per page and never restrict the number of speakers for each piece.

Nibity does offer some one of most competitive rates for human transcription with discounts for high volume users. If you seek accuracy when looking for the best audio to text converter, Nibity may be the answer.