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Nibity audio to text

Audio To Text

Audio to text services and solutions are only one part of the worldwide wave of changes now taking place. Technology has dramatically changed the world – no doubt about that. In the last couple of years we have seen the rise of artificial intelligence, deep learning networks as well as the rise of mobile smartphones as a “have to” part of our lives. All around us are an increasing amount of “intelligent” gadgets and digital devices. Many of these use speech to text processes as part of their solutions. The “internet of things” makes so many things much easier, better, faster.

Because of all the new amazing technology, professional business models that offer human traditional audio to text services (such as Way With Words), have dramatically changed forever. While most transcription services still carry on, in order to thrive they must adapt to new audio to text technologies, rather than resist.

Go Digital Or Die

Let’s just take another industry facing the same changes, such as the travel industry. As with so many other industries, it must ‘go digital or die’ – never mind the impact of current pandemic challenges.

No longer is it necessary or convenient to book a vacation or an extended business trip through a travel agent (remember those?). The service has changed dramatically with many competing websites available to assist in booking a trip in a matter of minutes. This includes booking everything – flight, hotel, car rentals – all with a few clicks and a credit card. With digital devices like smartphones and tablets, it is easy to check on flights with a couple of clicks, make sure your flight is on time, or discover delays. By immediately knowing the status of your trip, you can adapt and plan accordingly. Efficiency, price, and saving time are king!

And that’s just one example.

Another is our own industry: audio to text services, more traditionally referred to as audio transcription services. As in the olden days of ‘travel agents’, transcription was done from CDs and tapes given to a person who sat at a typewriter (or later, a computer) with headphones and typed up the recording to text. This process still exists for a fraction of the market, but today many transcription services that use people to apply some form of digital solutions that use the latest technology to assist with near-perfect transcripts. Hybrid solutions – using humans and machine learning together to offer scale and speed while retaining the quality of transcripts, are a great example of this. Have a look at the hybrid captioning solution now available by Way With Words. Key to the continued success of those services is their reputation, the challenge still with most technology-driven services and companies is to achieve the accuracy required by clients and adhere to increasingly demanding compliance by many countries (such as the GDPR in the European Union and the United Kingdom).

So where does this leave audio to text service like Nibity?

Nibity Audio To Text Services

Enter our digital audio to text service that provides transcription.

Here’s the new digital look: drop or drag audio of video files, the cost calculated automatically on the site, click to pay, and sign in to a private online account to collect the completed transcript. This is the new business model of technology, automation, and digitization, making audio to text transcription easier, better, faster.

Accurate Audio To Text Transcripts?

Our digital transcription or audio to text services do just as it says – we take your ‘digital audio recording’ and get it transcribed using the best combination of people and proprietary workflow technology to produce accurate transcripts very quickly. Behind the scenes, Nibity is driven by excellent managers and transcribers that are selected through a dedicated job recruitment and assessment portal. But the automation of nearly all the elements of the job upload, allocation and completion stages of the audio or video recordings using human quality control and input means Nibity can produce transcripts fast and with superb accuracy.

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