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Speech to Text Services

We transcribe audio and video to text. Fast and accurate.

From $0.95 per minute

Easily Get Text

Online transcription needs to be quick and seamless, clear and easy to use.

Nibity offers a simple speech to text process allowing you to get your transcript easily.

We offer a low price, speedy turnaround and accurate transcripts.

Saving You Time

Nobody wants an online transcription service to be complex or time consuming.

Nibity is a first come - first serve speech to text system. Instantly see price and collection date.

We save you time by queueing your files to process the moment you say go.

Smart & Trusted

Speech to text technology is smart, but people make it smarter.

Nibity combines software and humans to type out fast, accurate transcripts.

We are hybrid, mixing new technologies with a superb team of transcribers.

Transcripts You Can Use

Intelligent Verbatim format

Type as we hear it. No ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’

File name on top

Two timestamps per page

1-3 Speakers: ID’ed with your provided labels

1-3 Speakers: ID’ed as SP1, SP2, SP3 if no labels

4+ Speakers: All speakers ID'ed as SP

Microsoft Word document

More options coming soon!

Need a custom transcript?

Packages You Can Afford

Simple Saver

5 Hours
$ 1. 10 Minute

Better Saver

10 Hours
$ 1. 00 Minute

Enterprise Saver

25 Hours
$ 0. 95 Minute
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Single-User Transcription

  • Create a speech to text account for one user
  • Upload audio or video files 24/7
  • Sign in to view job progress or update personal details
  • Get notified by email when transcripts are ready to collect
  • Access to discounted packages

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Multi-User Transcription

  • Create a speech to text account for a group of users
  • A user can upload audio or video files
  • A user can sign in and see job progress or collect transcripts
  • An administrator can add or remove users
  • An administrator can set budgets by individual or group

We don't just transcribe it

The story begins with the nib of a pen. A pen filled with the ink of your message. The people who use your "pen" to deliver words are those behind Nibity. The challenge is getting your words to you faster and more conveniently.

On a Friday evening in November 2014, we decided to shake up traditional transcription.

While other services force you to choose between either accuracy or speed, our speech to text solutions strive to find the perfect mix between technology and humans. Our hybrid solution ensures both accuracy and speed, meaning that the only choice you'll have to make, is the one to use us... a very easy choice, if we do say so ourselves.

Our people live off good coffee, crazy deadlines and the rebellious intention of turning all other transcription companies on their heads.


Nibity speech to text services give you back your time! Nibity is a simple drop and go transcription solution to convert your audio or video to text. Once your transcription is completed, you receive an email notification, log in to your account and collect your transcript.


Nibity mixes a dedicated team of enthusiastic, energetic and smart people with voice to text technology solutions. It’s simply the best transcription service out there. You reap the benefits and advantages of the newest technologies with a well-honed team of transcribers trained to produce the most accurate transcripts.

388 Market Street, Suite 1300, San Francisco, CA, 94111
+1 888 808 1907

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nibity?

We are a smart, simple and secure online transcription service powered by Way With Words.

How do I get a quote?

Upload your files to see an instant cost calculation or use the calculator on the home page to insert total minutes and get a quote.

How do I use Nibity?

Register an account on, upload audio files, see the cost and pay for your order. When the work is ready, you can download the transcripts from within your user account.

How do I upload my files?

Use the Upload Box on to drag and drop or browse for files.

How will the transcripts look?

Transcripts are produced in a standard transcript format as a Microsoft Word document (.docx). Two timestamps per page are included.

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